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Great Plains Flax Gets a New Website Makeover – SEO Update

September 10, 2013

We recently finished rebuilding the website and online marketplace for one of our long time clients: Great Plains Flax.  While we’re happy with the updated look we came up with (see screengrab below), when it comes to transitioning a website without losing any ground in the search engines – there’s a lot more effort that goes into the process that an outside observer will never see.

In order to maintain rankings for keywords like golden flax seeds, it was important to look at the keyword densities, tag profiles, inner site links of the existing site and dozens of other factors.  The meta data needs to stay consistent in the eyes of the search engine crawlers, despite the site looking totally different to human users, if one hopes to maintain their search engine ranking placements (SERPs). We have a proprietary system called SEO-Optimax to do this.  If one doesn’t think about this or know about this the search engines could look at your page and decide it’s been totally redesigned and is potentially a completely new website. If this happens you’ll take a hit in your web traffic as the search engines will have to take a step back and start learning again what this ‘new’ page is talking about, whether the site has changed ownership, and whether the focus of the site has gone in a new direction.  So the trick is to make it new on the outside, but the same on the inside.

There’s also been a lot of talk lately about the heightened importance that bounce rate is playing in search engine rankings.  The more users you bounce, the more the search engines think your page isn’t actually relevant for that user’s search term – and the lower you drop in the results.  Because of this, it was important not only to make sure Great Plains Flax had an up to date look to their site, but to also get as much good information and as many high quality photos onto the page as we could above the fold – helping to convince users to stick around and explore more of the site.

These two concepts are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to correctly redesigning a website, but they’re a good example of the effort that goes on behind the scenes at an SEO firm and the creation of a search engine friendly website.



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