Pay Per Click

pay-per-click campaignsExpert PPC Campaign Designers

Becoming Google Adwords Qualified isn’t a walk in the park (there are tests involved), but lucky for you SlickRockWeb has already done the heavy lifting (that’s right, we passed).  That means our Pay Per Click experts know all the ins and outs of Adwords and similar platforms and are ready to get your companies marketing strategy up and running.

But what exactly does that mean, you ask?  Well, after meeting with you, there are several pieces of the puzzle we start putting together:

  • Develop the keyword lists and campaign strategy that best fits your businesses goals
  • Analyze competitor sites and campaigns
  • Analyze and optimize your landing pages to keep costs down
  • Create the finished product(s) and get you up and running

After the initial creation process finishes, we continue to monitor and analyze the results so we can tweak and alter your campaigns for better return on investment.

The Bottom Line

Pay Per Click advertising is great, and it’s an ideal way to drive visitors to your page.  But, PPC is at its best when combined with other SEO strategies.  Our packages include several elements that, when working side by side, compound their effects to help your business compete in the most cost effective way.  Be sure to check them out.

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