Client Testimonials

Working as a marketing professional, I have had the opportunity to work with many SEO vendors. SlickRockWeb has easily been the most professional I have been involved with. Their knowledge and responsive staff has kept our brand above our competitors in an ever changing space. I would recommend SlickRockWeb for all of your SEO needs. Thanks SlickRock and Eric for all you have done.”

Mike Weaver, Marketing Manager – The Dwyer Group


We have been working with SlickRockWeb for a few years now and what a wonderful experience its been! Eric and his team are always helpful, they respond quickly and most of all they have worked hard to create visibility and online exposure for our website! Traffic to our website has increased well over 130% since we started working with SlickRockWeb… and we are on the first page of Google for almost all of our key words! I love the fact that they talk to us in regular people speak and that they teach us about SEO rather than just doing/fixing the issue. We could not be happier with the service and results we have received from them! Thank you SlickRockWeb!”

Beth Piper Vice Master and Commander of Volumetric Technologies Inc.


I highly recommend working with SlickRockWeb. You can’t afford not to. Their long-term efforts have helped propel our business to extraordinary double digit growth. And it is not just a ‘flash in the pan’ type of growth but sustained double digit growth year after year. Over the fours years that they have been involved with marketing our company we have seen an average yearly growth of 67% with a range of growth over those 4 years of between 35% to 104%. We now depend on them for all kinds of business and technical advice and IT solutions. I would highly recommend these guys to any company. They really are much more than a SEO company.”

John Schutt, Owner and President of Great Plains Flax Seeds


SlickRockWeb has become an essential part of our team. Not only has their SEO efforts produced dramatic increases in business for us but they also are just plan good problem solvers. We have grown dependent on them for all kinds of business development and technology-based consultations and they have consistently produced results for us. I would highly recommend these guys to any company. They really are much more than a SEO company.”

Tim Lake, Marketing Director of Caribe Island Resort


We have been working with Slick Rock since some time last year.  We have been very satisfied with their services.  They follow through on their commitments and are timely in their delivery and efforts toward optimization work.  There is no question that their efforts at optimizing our site have increased traffic to our site substantially. As they clearly tell you, because of the web crawler updating process it takes a couple of months for you to see the difference, but it is worth the investment. Any company would be grateful that they found SlickRockWeb.”

Richard T. Lindsey, COO of Mines and Associates


The higher search engine rankings that SlickRockWebhas achieved for us has easily paid for itself. Our online web business has already outpaced all of last year one month into the 2005 fall season. We have had to hire a part-timeperson dedicated to just packing cases for our onlineordersevery day.Our weekly payroll for the entire plant was paid at one point from our internet sales alone! The SEO services that SlickRockWeb provides really do work.”

Phillip Kellogg President of Daffy Apple Corp.


I greatly enjoy working with Eric on design and development projects. Above all he is very smart in the field of SEO and along the way he gives lots of SEO tricks for my websites…and it has produced very good result for my new zealand website…..Thanks eric for your valuable knowledge”

Anush Malik, Owner, Netmaxims Solutions


I can very honestly say that Slickrock has taken us from zero web ranking to a top tier rankings. Over this period our web traffic has exploded. They have been and will continue to be our goto vendor for SEO and Internet Marketing.”

Thor Anderson, CEO / Owner of Saving Tape Media Conversion


I Would recommend the services from SlickRockWeb. They have helped our company stand out on our website and have done a good job with our SEO as well. Thank You Eric”

Jule Philpot, CEO / Owner of Mr. Electric of Kentucky


I strongly recommend that Slickrock be your SEO solution for any business Web Site. We have worked with Eric at SlickRockWeb for several years to handle our web sites. I recommended his service to the Dwyer Group our Franchisor to work with their other brands and he did so for several years before our Franchisor developed their own inhouse team.

He has consistently kept us in the top search ranking as well as other Franchisees that I personally interact with.

Slickrock responds in a timely fashion and compared to other services that preform SEO we have found Slickrock to be extremely competitive.”

Arthur Hall, President of D.C. Electric Inc. DBA Mr. Electric of Southern MN

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