Email Campaigns

Updating an Old Standby

Old fashioned snail mail advertising campaigns may have gone the way of the buffalo, but the idea behind them lives on in email marketing.  Whether you have an existing database of client addresses, or are looking to start from scratch, SlickRockWeb has the programs and ability to get  you in contact with potential consumers now.

Yesterday’s “mailers” were a great way to rekindle brand awareness, and keep the public informed on new deals and offers.  Email campaigns are now different, but with the ability to send readers directly to optimized landing pages, coupons, or contact forms – the tried and true method of staying in contact with your consumers gets taken to the next level.

Plus, with SlickRockWeb’s ability to analyze readership, click-through-rates, and a slew of other metrics, each new email can be fully analyzed to make sure the campaign can be more and more refined as it moves forward.

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