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Testing Your Computer’s Connection to Email Using Telnet

September 5, 2013

Trying to diagnose why you can’t receive or send email or connect to your email account from your computer or laptop can be very frustrating. This problem is asked of us alot. Unfortunately there can be dozens of different reasons such as your local service provider is blocking port 25 which is the standard port [Read More…]

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How To Add Additional Users In Google Analytics

April 11, 2013

We’ve had a couple requests from clients lately for information on how to add additional users to their Google Analytics account, so we figured we might as well write a blog post about it for anyone else out there wondering how to do it. ¬†Luckily it’s pretty straight forward. ¬†Below are the steps to add [Read More…]

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Finding a Text String in Protected Files on Mac OS X

April 6, 2010

Looking for strings of text in thousands of files at one time on a Mac can usually be accomplished using a simple “Find” function in a program such as BBedit. This method becomes problematic when you want to search for text strings within hidden files or files with restricted permissions such as config files in [Read More…]

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How to Clear the DNS Cache in Mac OSX Leopard

April 3, 2010

The Macintosh operating system and most computer operating systems for that matter will cache DNS requests. That is a good thing as it speeds up the DNS lookups within the same host. But sometimes this can become problematic when the cache contains values that are no longer valid or legitimate. Also nefarious software, viruses, or [Read More…]

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