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Keyword targeted searches and pay per click (PPC) advertising are the #1 online marketing solutions for generating website traffic. Google and Yahoo power over 70% of all searches on the internet and Google alone performs about 200 million searches per day. It is safe to say that your rankings in Google and Yahoo now has the power to either make or break your business. We can help you make your site profitable…

Our Marketing / Promotion Solutions

1) Pay Per Click (PPC) Search Engine Solutions

What is a pay-per-click (PPC) search engine? A PPC search engine is a search engine that allows a person to bid an amount of money on related keywords so their site is ranked according to the amount bid. Basically, if you bid $0.30 on the keyword “belize honeymoon” and that is the highest bid on that particular keyword, your site would be #1 in those results. If your competition bids $0.31, they will become #1 and your site will be #2.

We provide custom managed PPC / sponsored link online marketing solutions. SlickRockWeb will professionally manage your PPC / sponsored link campaign including: keyword research, writing ad copies, managing bids, tracking return on investment, and reporting results. It is expected that this program has the potential to reach 80% of active internet users. Get a first page ranking on the Google Search Engine page or any other search engine in hours. Learn More.

2) Web Site Promotion and Increased Ranking through Search Engine Optimization 

We optimize your web site to be search engine friendly through meta tag creation, web site content optimization for efficient search engine indexing, and proper submission of site to search engines. Learn More.

3) Video Campaigns

As the internet continues to grow more saturated with video content, consumers are becoming increasingly interested in gathering information on your site through short clips and movies.  Even a simple welcome video on your landing page can help convince a visitor to stay on your page a little longer.  Web-videos, viral campaigns and even television commercials can further enhance your visibility, and SlickRockWeb has the resources and tools to help you on your way.  Learn More.

4) Social Media Marketing

Social Media sites are quickly becoming one of the most important pieces of the SEO puzzle.  But with Google+, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and a plethora of other sites demanding your attention – getting started can be overwhelming.  SlickRockWeb not only specializes in creating social media profiles optimized to co-incide with your search engine optimization efforts, we can also manage and maintain those profiles for you (if you’re just not that into tweeting).  Learn More.

The table below shows just a few examples of how our work improved our client’s rankings for specific keywords, allowing them to move onto the 1st page and gain a big boost in traffic!

Our Website Keyword(s) Position in Search Engine Results – Minnesota Achieved a 500% increase in site traffic between 2005 and 2006. “Affordable SEO” Google Page 1
“Web makovers” Yahoo Page 1
“Affordable Web Development” Google Page 1
Clients Keyword(s) Position in Search Engine Results
Kanantik Reef and Jungle Resort — Belize Achieved a 75% increase in search engine related traffic to site “Belize Honeymoon” Google Page 1
“Luxury Belize resort” Google Page 1
“honeymoon in Belize” Google Page 1
“Belize resort” Google Page 1 – USA After three months of our involvement two top 3 placements in the search engines were achieved for this client. “Minnesota Wedding directory” Google Page 1
“wedding directory rochester” Google Page 1 – USA Achieved a 200% increase in total traffic to site since Dec. 2005. “air duct cleaning rochester” Yahoo Page 1
“air oasis rochester” Google Page 1 – Belize “belize condos for sale” Google Page 1
“belize villas for sale” Google Page 1 – Minnesota “auto tools” Google Page 1
“ball joint separator” Google Page 1
Univ. of Colorado Department of Pharmacology – USA Achieved a 40% increase in search engine related traffic to site(*Note is no longer a client as of 2004) “graduate program in pharmacology“ Google Page 1
“department of pharmacoloy” Google Page 1
“pharmacology graduate program” Google Page 1
ElisaTech corporation — USA Achieved a 116% increase in search engine related traffic to site “cytokine array” Yahoo Page 1
“elisa assay cytokines” Yahoo Page 1
“assays for growth factors” Yahoo Page 1
Daffy Apple corporation — USA Achieved a 300-400% increase in internet sales. “caramel apples denver” Google Page 1
“daffy apples” Google Page 1 – USA Achieved a 90% increase in search engine related traffic to site and a 200% increase in sales. “flax seed” and ”flax seed benefits” Yahoo Page 1
“flax seed recipes” Yahoo Page 1
“bulk flax seeds” Google Page 1
“golden flax seed” Google Page 1
Prime Communities corporation — USA Achieved a 773% increase in search engine related traffic to site (*Note site has since been redone and is no longer a client) “alabama planned community” Google Page 1
“alabama gated communities” Google Page 1 – USA “move to Denver” Google Page 1
“Denver real estate and relocation” Yahoo Page 1
Mines and Associates — USA “EAP Colorado” and “EAP solutions” Google Page 1
“employee assistance services” Yahoo Page 1
LSS Data Systems Corporation – USA

After 6 months of our involvement LSS achieved multiple first page placements in the search engines

“EHR technology” Google Page 1
“certified EHR” Google Page 1

Why Pay Thousands of Dollars for Impressions when you can pay Hundreds of Dollars for Results?!

Did you know that many major web portal still sell banners-ad advertising by the number of impressions they generate. That’s right you pay them by the number of times they display your banner on a web page, regardless of whether anyone ever actually clicks on the banner and comes to your site. You could pay thousands of dollars and never receive one single hit to your website. Most experts agree that the banner-ads / impressions advertising model is a failed business model. Online Marketing Terms and Definitions

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