Hacked WordPress Site Remediation and Hardening

Has Your WordPress Site Been Hacked?

Are you concerned you might be liable for damages to your customers who visit your company website and become infected with Malware or Ransomware?

wordpress hackedDon’t delay and let your business reputation and sales be damaged. Call 1-800-975-5695 for immediate assistance with your hacked WordPress Website and removal of WordPress exploits. We are a US owned, staffed and operated web services company specializing in website security, remediation and securing WordPress websites to prevent future problems. We have helped companies big and small get back online free of malware, ransomware and backdoors. We make sure your site’s vulnerabilities are patched to protect against future infections.

Has Google removed you from its search index because your website was found to be infected? We can help you quickly get back into the Google search index and minimize any lost revenue or damage to your company’s reputation. Call 1-800-975-5695for immediate assistance and website remediation within 24 hrs from initial access.


Follow this link to read our research report on the most recent WordPress RCE exploit and attack.


We have been working with SlickRockWeb for a few years now and it has been one of our best business decisions. Our relationship with them started when Eric and his team discovered that our custom WordPress website had been hacked and removed from Google’s search index. This discovery occurred about a month before the start of our peak tourism season and needless to say we were a little panicked. SlickRockWeb got our site clean, all the threats removed, the vulnerabilities patched and our site back up and live within a day. Because of their strong working relationship with Google, less than a week later Google deemed our site clean and our customers were once again finding us in Google searches. Thank you SlickRockWeb!”

Karen Nicholas – Owner of Adventure Vacations

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