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Brand Protection On Twitter

A big part of social media brand protection is responding to comments and reviews (both good and bad) and showing that your brand is actively working to make sure customers are having a good experience with your company.  Of course, there’s always been black hat SEO’rs looking to make your company look bad by spamming the message boards on Yelp or your facebook wall with fake reviews that required jumping through a ton of hoops to get taken down.  But, now there is a new trend popping up on twitter that your company will need to keep an eye out for in the interest of brand protection – profile clones.  Whether the cloner is just a bot stealing your information to look more “human” or a rival company trying to confuse your customers and give you a bad name – it’s a practice you should be aware of.

Our CEO noticed the other day that someone had completely copied his twitter account (only adding a ‘t’ at the end of the handle) and had begun posting a bunch of content.  While the intended results of this case aren’t clear – we took immediate steps to get the fake profile removed before any real damage could be done.  Pictures of the incident are posted below. Thankfully Twitter was very responsive and as you can see when going to this cloned account you now get a “suspended account” screen:  www.twitter.com/slickrockwebt

But regardless of motive, it’s no longer (necessarily) a vain practice to Google yourself and your company – now it can help you uncover any cloners out there trying to tarnish your brand.

Slick Rock Web Twitter Profile

The original profile.

Twitter Profile Clone

The cloned profile

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