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piecesPutting the Pieces Together

Many companies out there look at SEO and Internet Marketing as two separate entities.  At SlickRockWeb, we believe it takes both strategies working together to produce the types of results our clients expect.  That’s why we’ve created SEO packages combining design, optimization, and branding as a way to streamline what would otherwise be a tangle of competing ideas and goals into a single, unified approach to improving your online visibility and ROI.

But what is SEO and why do I need it?

Search Engine Optimization is the practice of refining a company’s website and online presence to help them appear in the search engines for consumers interested in their commodity.  As we all now from using Google or Bing or Yahoo, we rarely look beyond the first few results that pop up for our searches, and almost no continues past the first page of results.

That means, if you’re a company that sells Teflon Dreidesl in Honduras, it’s of vital importance for you to rank on the first page of Google when someone searches for “Teflon Dreidels in Honduras.”  However, just knowing you need to rank well and knowing how to rank well are very different things.

That’s where SlickRockWeb can help.  It takes everything from coding, to design, to supervising campaigns to analyzing web traffic and competitor sites to countless other minute details that you and your staff can’t and shouldn’t be expected to know how to do or have time to implement and manage.  But not only do we have the time and the know how – we love it.

What types of SEO and Internet Marketing can SlickRockWeb provide?

A diversified approach is the best way to approach online optimization.  Because of that, SlickRockWeb is prepared to work for your company through a variety of channels:

If you’re serious about improving your businesses online presence, we’re serious about helping you do it.  With a proven track record of helping companies both small and large improve their search engine rankings and visibility – you can feel confident that we are prepared and ready for whatever size job you need completed.

Drop us a line and let us start improving your business today.

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