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Was the Internet Systems Consortium Site Infected by the new WPcache-Blogger Malware

December 29th, 2014

Potentially very bad news. It looks like the Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) website was hacked by a new strain of malware on December 22nd. What is most worrisome is that they are a group responsible for the open-source Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) program. BIND is one of the most popular DNS software on the planet [...]

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My WordPress site was hacked: When Looking for Zebras like SoakSoak, Don’t Forget About the Horse

December 22nd, 2014

Last week a large malware campaign targeted and compromised over 100,000 WordPress sites.  As most probably know by now the attack was named SoakSoak due to the first domain used in the malware redirection path (soaksoak . ru). Google has already blacklisted, by some estimates, over 11,000 domains that have been infected by the SoakSoak [...]

Website Security, WordPress Tips and Tricks

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