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Search Engine OptimizationHow do we make your Web Site more Search Engine friendly and Increase WebSite Traffic?Most search engines now use high-order algorithms to assess on page factors and off page factors for a web site. On page factors include things like keyword density and the html coding of your pages.

Keyword density is very important to search engines and each search engine may utilize an optimal density (ie. more is not always better). The number of keywords within the keyword meta tag may also be detrimental to various search engine algorithms by causing a dilution of your main key words. Off page factors include things like a web site’s popularity. Web sites that are more popular, ie linked from many different outside web sites will generate a much higher ranking score. An increased search engine ranking will naturally translate into more people finding your web site and thus you will experience a significant increase in the amount of web traffic coming to your web site. More traffic ultimately means more revenue. A recent study found that more than 80% of users stopped looking past the 3rd search engine result. This illustrates just how critical a high ranking within the search engines is.

As of December of 2003 Google powered over 78% of all searches on the internet and performs about 200 million searches per day (according to the marketing research firm comScore Media Metrix). Googl’e web sites handled 35 percent of all web searches. Besides their own search engine, Google also powers Yahoo, AOL, and Netscape as well. Microsoft sites accounted for 16 percent of all searches. It is safe to say that your Google ranking now has the power to either make or break your business. If you’re not listed there, than you will not be found by 80% of users. Although Google’s ranking algorithm is very complex, there are techniques to enhance your score within the Google ranking algorithm. We can help you…

  • Do you know that Google is now filtering out and blacklisting web sites from the search engine indexes that are not in “compliance” or are trying deceptive coding techniques like stealth keywords to fool the search engine algorithm into achieving a higher ranking in the search results? The search engine AltaVista states “If being found via search engines is important to your business, be very careful about where you have your pages hosted. If the hosting service also hosts spammers and pornographers, you could wind up being penalized or excluded simply because the underlying IP address for that service is the same for all the virtual domains it includes.”
  • Do you know the difference between having your web site hosted on a dedicated IP address versus a virtual shared host? Do you know why you should know this?
  • Do you know how to correctly submit your web site to the search engines? Did you know that submitting incorrectly could significantly penalize your ranking?
  • Do you know the keyword position secrets and how to perform search engine optimization for your site?
  • Do you know how to establish a pay-per-click advertising program (PPC)? Do you know when and why to use one?
  • Did you know that various studies have shown that online marketing programs can attract far more “targeted” visitors to your site for pennies on the dollar compared to traditional print advertising like magazines, journals, and newspapers?
  • Do you know what the terms algorithm, data mining, text mining, and business intelligence mean?

These are just some of the questions you need to know about your web site and your web site promotion program if you hope to use it as an effective marketing tool for your company or hope to attract viewers to your site from the various internet search engines. We can assist you in offering search engine advice, meta tag advice, keyword advice, and optimizing your web site to significantly generate more traffic to your site and achieve the most marketing bang for your buck. We can also perform web traffic analysis using sophisticated techniques to determine search engine ranking deficiencies, click through rate deficiencies, and navigational deficiencies within your site.

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